LED Strip Light


 i-SFG led strip light manufacturer provides many kinds of strip light. Such as:  neon led strip light, cob led strip light, smd5050 led strip light, smd2835 led strip light, etc. 

Full spectrum High CRI  R1-R15  >90

High CRI>95,Excellent color rendition ability with optical parameters of Avg R1-R15290,(Rf290,Rg≥100)

Make up for bluish light and red light from the spectrum --  Spectral width

covers all areas of human visual function, 

Balance between excellent color rendering and efficiency --Spectral smoothing,the propotion of various colors is balance, it is ideally adapted to the sensitivity of human eyes to color.

High percent of blue light is reduced

Preventing or alleviating the occurrence of myopia, reducing the Blu-ray injury of the retina. 

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